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The Lewis Elementary art program follows the Discipline-Based Art Education (DBAE) methods developed by the Getty Education Institute. DBAE seeks to teach art through four disciplines:
Art Production – students learn techniques to create original work
Art History – students study artists to learn about the artist’s environment, influences, and style
Art Criticism – students evaluate forms of art to gain appreciation and critical-thinking skills
Aesthetics – students employ inquiry-based thinking through discussion of form, methods, medium and individual responses to art.

Lewis teachers develop a year-long art curriculum based on month by month focuses such as line, color, tints and shades, shape, texture and perspective. For over 20 years, the annual Lewis Art Night gives students the opportunity to share their work with parents and community. The school transforms into a gallery and student docents explain art concepts to visitors. Also on display are permanent installations created by past students and artists-in-residence.

In addition, through our work with the Right Brain Initiative and Young Audiences students have additional opportunities to work with artists in residence. Last year the Lewis PTA provided additional support for our art program by purchasing the Arts Attack Art Curriculum as a supplement to our other work. Lewis Elementary is a past winner of  the prestigious Sunburst Award for exemplary work in art education.

Garden and Art Fair – Saturday May 3rd


Garden and Art Fair - Saturday May 3rd The Garden Fair is only 25 days away and the PTA needs your help to make it a success!! These big fundraisers need lots of volunteers to make them work and volunteering is a GREAT way to get to know other parents. Please sign up for a two-hour slot and help the PTA raise the money that we need to pay for the programs that benefit all the students at Lewis and make new friends! The sign up sheets are posted outside Tracy’s office, on the PTA bulletin board outside the dip, and at the other school entrances/exits. We also have a SignUpGenius for those of you who can’t make it in to school. The address is:

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Staff Picks: Favorite Books

Throughout the year we will be highlighting favorite books selected by our staff members...


Title: Charlotte’s Web Author: E.B. White Staff Member: Mr. Colvin

Multnomah Country Library Link

"Before the movie, before the cartoon, was the book. The book and I are about the same age, having both arrived in the early 1950s. I was in fourth grade in Mrs. Stansell's class in Gold Beach, Oregon and she read several novels during the year, but the one that hooked me was Charlotte's Web. I have read it to every class I have ever taught since I started teaching. Plus I read it to my own two kids when they were around 9 or 10.

Mr. Colvin
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More Staff Favorites...

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Photographer... #tw Gregory MacNaughton the Reed College Cooley Art Gallery visiting with our kindergarten students in preparation for their field trip next week... Friday morning #tw Folk art city pictures in Room 22... #tw

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For many years we have attempted to explain our various PTA fund raising opportunities. Recently Lewis parent Jordan Benner created this great video that explains those PTA fund raising opportunities in a very understandable manner. Please take a look and consider taking part. 201309042122.jpg Direct Donation escript/Scrip Shopping Donate & Recycle

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