Lewis Staff

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Staff Member Email Position
Arellano, Maria Nutrition
Bates, Liska Aide
Bertrand, Christine Para-Educator
Blasier, Angie Para-Educator
Brenan, Jill 1st/2nd Grade
Buckley, Tracy Principal’s Secretary
Davis, Sheri Speech
Delmatoff, Liz Counselor
Denniston, Steve Para-Educator
Dillavou, Leslie Kindergarten
Dingus, Elissa 3rd Grade
Estrada, Vianca Para-Educator
Gagnon-Witter, Kathleen Office Support
Hansen, Mark 3rd/4th Grade
Hodzic, Rasema Custodian
Ingram, Holly Custodian
Jacobsen, Dana Kindergarten
Jamesbarry, Sarah 1st Grade
Jamesberry, Tony Music
Kennedy, Pamela 3rd Grade
Kohn, Sarah 5th Grade
Lauer, Tim Principal
Layman, Millie Physical Education
Leake, Lynne 2nd Grade
Levine, Jordan Para-Educator
Logue, Annie 1st Grade
Lunde, Heidi Psych
Maloney, Pam Speech
Masic, Selim Custodian
Meyer, Jennifer Learning Center
Murphy, Brooke 2nd Grade
Nichols, Cathy Para-Educator
O’Brien, Beverly Nurse
Padellford, Tori Media Assistant
Perry, Madison Para-Educator
Post, Brian Commuinciation Classroom
Redmond, Cyndi ESL/Media Specialist
Richner, Mark 4th Grade
Rollins, Ashley K
Rotwein, Abby 4th Grade
Speer, Natalie 5th Grade
Wood, Angela Para-Educator
Zimmerman, Patty Math Support

Updated: August 17, 2015

Art Night

Art Night 2016

Meriwether Lewis Elementary School

May 12, 2016 - 6:00 - 8:00 pm

art night flyer

Peachjar Flyers

Portland Public Schools is now sending home flyers electronically via a service called PeachJar. These flyers come to families via the email address they shared during the school registration process. Below is a link to all the flyers sent home to Lewis students.


Lewis PeachJar Link

NewImage The original wood playground at Lewis Elementary has to be decommissioned for safety reasons and is being replaced with a nature-based play space. There will be logs for sitting on and jumping to, a colorful and fully ADA accessible “river” walkway for all to access the play space, permanent all-weather instruments and more! Portland Public Schools has committed to fund the decommissioning and accessibility features, Lewis PTA has raised $15,000, Lewis Students have raised $1,500, and we need your help to make this a creative and exciting new play space for the entire community to enjoy. Learn more and donate at: NewImage

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Fundraising Primer

For many years we have attempted to explain our various PTA fund raising opportunities. Recently Lewis parent Jordan Benner created this great video that explains those PTA fund raising opportunities in a very understandable manner. Please take a look and consider taking part. 201309042122.jpg Direct Donation escript/Scrip Shopping Donate & Recycle

Lewis Direct Giving Campaign

Lewis Logo Lewis PTA Direct Giving Campaign. Please consider a one time, or ongoing contribution to help support Lewis Elementary School. More information: Lewis Direct Giving Campaign

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