Notes from Room 2 – Oct. 31 – Nov. 4

November 1, 2011
What a beautiful day we had for our field trip to Kruger’s Pumpkin Farm! The kids had a great time on the hay ride, selecting pumpkins, slipping and sliding through the corn maze, checking out the pigs, chickens and farm equipment, and taking in the lovely scenery on Sauvie’s Island. We arrived back sleepy but ready to trick or treat tonight. I think tomorrow it will hit hard after a later night and perhaps too much excitement or sweets. Try to spread those tasty treats out and we’ll all have a smoother week;)

This week we will be reading a story called Armadillo’s Orange. Armadillo gets lost on his way home one day and needs to rely on his keen senses and surrounding denizens to help him find his way. We will be tuning into the setting and characters of this fictional tale, as well as writing about it and creating some torn paper armadillos. In math we will be playing a new game called Butterfly Race, recreating pattern block designs with paper, as well as exploring positional words such as in front of, beside, next to etc…We will be continuing to become more independent in our writing by stretching those words out using our bubblegum technique. We have lots of room on our volunteer calendar- so please take a look and sign yourself up to help out. Thanks!


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