Notes from Room 2 – Jan. 9th

January 9, 2012


This week we continue to work with pandas, adding another fun nonfiction book to the mix called Panda Kindergarten. As we read, we are looking for facts about the panda and talking about how they change as they grow. We are also learning about what the panda eats, their natural habitat, and about why they are endangered. In math, we are counting by 2’s, looking at odd and even numbers, watching our growing pattern grow on the calendar, and revisiting shapes and their attributes. On Tuesday, we are going to “sow” some bean seeds. We will watch these sprout and observe the changes they go through as they grow. In gym class, we are practicing our soccer footwork, as well as playing some favorite games. 

We have two great online resources for students to access at home: for reading and for math. Informational letters were sent home in December explaining about the sites and how to log on. Both sites can be accessed through the school website, as well. About a third of the class has signed on to and is enjoying the reading program! Check them out, if you haven’t yet. They are a lot of fun and great resources for helping our students with their math and reading. Please let me know if you need the login information again. 

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