Notes from Room 2 – Jan. 17

January 17, 2012

Brrrrr! The kids were so excited by the snow this morning! We are spending the week with author Jan Brett. We read the story The Mitten today and will follow up with some of her other wonderful wintery stories later in the week. Kindergartners will be creating a mitten-prop to help them retell the story. This is an important skill for young readers. You can practice at home with your kiddo by asking them to describe and name the setting and characters in a story, as well as retell the story’s events. We are working on our Bean Plant Diaries. We put on our scientist’s coats and wrote up the procedure for “planting” our bean seeds. We will be taking a closer look at the seeds and see how they have changed over the week on Wednesday. In math we are beginning to work more closely with the numbers 20 and beyond. We will be moving into working on showing our thinking on story problems, as well as continuing our work in patterning, sorting, estimating and measuring. We will be using a variety of manipulatives including coins, cubes, pattern blocks, pictures, sea creatures, and frogs. I have begun assessments of the kindergartners in preparation for Winter report cards. I have noticed so much growth in these little guys and gals. We have come a long way! Keep up the great work you do at home, and encourage your kiddo to always put their best into the things they do! I have noticed some tired kids lately. Please try to get kids to bed early, eat a healthy breakfast, and be sure to get as much outside time as you can in these cold, dark, wintery months! 

If your kid likes to spend some time on the computer try having them login to Raz-Kids and/or IXL math. These are great learning programs and a lot of fun!


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