Notes from Room 2 December 5-9, 2011

December 6, 2011


Our lead story this week is a non-fiction piece called A Bed for the Winter. It features a dormouse who is searching for a place to make his bed for the cold winter ahead. Students are working on sequencing, or putting events of the story in order, and making predictions with a work-time center called What Happens Next? We are into our third week of independent work-time centers – students are settling in quicker and working on building their stamina for focused independent work. In math, we are spiraling back to work with shapes again in a new pattern block activity. We will be filling geometric shapes with different configurations of pattern blocks. A new challenge in fitting the shapes together to fit just right! We had another fun circuit of hula hoops, hockey, jumping jacks, and  basketballs in gym. Hockey seemed to be the new favorite! We will be glazing our pots on Wednesday afternoon. Volunteers are most welcome to come in and help! Finally, we will be meeting our 3rd grade Reading Buddies on Thursday afternoon. We will get together with Ms. Ross’/Ms. Zimmerman’s class from time to time for the rest of the year to partner read and enjoy other fun activities. 

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