News from Room 2 – Teacher Sarah Jamesbarry

November 8, 2011

Wednesday’s literacy activity of sorting students by the number of syllables in their name has us looking back at the pictures I took on our first days here at Lewis. It’s amazing how much the children have grown in just 43 days of kindergarten! That said, we continue to work on becoming more independent with our literacy center work. The students are working on moving independently from one activity to another, checking to make sure they have completed work fully, doing their personal best every time, building stamina, and being focused on their work. It is a big challenge! Since it is a short week, we are continuing to work with our story Armadillo Orange. Students are working on illustrating sentences, making word webs about animal habitats, and working on identifying first sounds in words. In math, we continue to explore our new calendar pattern that helps us to identify and use positional words such as up, to the right, sideways, down, and to the left. We are also learning new partner games. The kids particularly enjoy these games and do a nice job shaking hands and telling their partner “good game.” We don’t want any “hard feelings!” We continue to work on our drawing skills, and with watercolors in art, and are playing all kinds of relay games in gym. We will continue our study of trees this week by focusing on animals that make their homes in trees. Our bug artwork is on display in the glass case in the west entrance hall. Conference reminders will be coming home on Wednesday. If you need to make a change you can check with me or call the office at 503-916-6360. Thanks again for all of the volunteer support! 


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