News from Room 2 – Oct. 17-21

October 18, 2011

We had a wonderful visit from Avery’s dad on Monday. Fire fighter Ben talked to us about what it is like to be a fire fighter, wear all that gear, and help people in times of need. He also shared important safetly information with us in case we ever find ourselves in a fire. We will be reading more about fire fighters in Time magazine later this week. 

Our lead story this week is an informational book called Dig, Dig, Digging. It is about different types of vehicles and the work they do. Students are working on sorting, ordering, and classifying items, making lists of vehicles, and drawing some of their favorites – as well as labeling and writing about them, too. The kids are becoming quite good illustrators and I see their fine motor skills improving. We continue our kid writing – learning to stretch out he words slowly, like stretching a giant rubberband, and listening and recording each sound we hear. Then, we release the rubberband and read our writing the fast way. 

Our new sight words this week are “like” and “and.” Students are practicing writing the words and reading poems that use the word multiple times with a partner. They are having great success! Have your kindergartner read it to you when it comes home, or come in the classroom after school and have them read the big version to you!

In math, we are learning to use tally marks as a way to record numbers and counting. Students played Bingo on Tuesday and were quite quick at recognizing tally groups up to 10! We continue to add and modify our Work Place centers. Our newest addition will be the bucket of frogs. It will replace the beloved bugs, but I am sure the children will enjoy counting and sorting them just as much. 

Yes, we will be going to Kruger Farm on Sauvie’s Island with the other kindergarten classes on October 31st! We will be sending home permission slips this Friday. There will be information about parent volunteers. I appreciate all the interest in chaperoning. It will be very helpful! The parent help in the classroom is wonderful. We can have more than one helper at a time, so please feel free to sign up for times that work for you. The more adult help the better! Thanks!

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