Mrs. Pechette’s First Grade

October 18, 2011

What are too small to see . . . but can have the power to make you sick?  According to the book Germs Are Not for Sharing, by  Elizabeth Verdick, germs are!  Germs are everywhere, good and bad.  Fortunately when we are sick our bodies have ways of fighting off the illnesses so we feel better.  Beginning last week, germs that make us sick began swirling around in room 8.  At school we always wash our hands before eating, after playing outside, after using the bathroom, and whenever they are dirty.  You can help at home by encouraging your child to remember good hand washing practices.  Don’t forget between fingers, fingernails, and wrists, and don’t be too quick.  Lots of noses are drippy and we are practicing how to blow our stuffy noses, throw the tissue away, and rub a small amount of instant hand cleaner onto our hands.  If you suspect your child is sick, it is most likely best to keep them home for rest and care.  If your child has had a temperature or vomited they must stay out of school 24 hours.

During afternoon Centers one of the favorite activities is Inventions.  Building an invention uses basic skills like cutting and glueing, but the excitement comes from using creativity, problem solving, and a wide variety of materials.  Behind every invention that comes home is a wonderful story, so don’t forget to listen and ask questions.  The Invention Center depends on parents bringing: small boxes, tissue and paper towel rolls, egg cartons, sturdy plastic lids, and odd little bits and pieces of this and that.

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