Mr. Colvin’s 4th Grade Class Notes

October 3, 2011

We are making a big push towards mastering multiplication facts in the next few weeks. I will be sending home a booklet on Friday with strategies for learning the facts. Please read through the booklet with your child and work through some of the activities. It is a great learning tool. If your child already knows the facts, challenge him or her to work with larger numbers.
Our Tuck Everlasting Skype session with Mrs. Rudd’s class in Des Moines, Iowa was a success, even though the video cut out a couple of times. It was great letting another teacher from many miles away read to our class. The kids are really into the book and they are picking up on details in the story that show me they understand what is going on. We have been talking about character traits of different characters and there will be a hallway display showing the students interpretations of what the characters look like along with their traits.
We are building stamina in four of our Daily 5 Literacy areas. They are: 1) Reading to Self, 2)Reading to Someone, 3)Listening to Reading, and 4) Working on Writing. The fifth component, Word Work, will come in a couple weeks from now when we start up with our spelling program called Words Their Way.
The class is coming together, even though we have some rocky stretches at times. Please talk to your child about the importance of being respectful listeners when anybody else (not just the teacher) is talking. Eyes should be on the speaker, lips should not be moving, and hands and feet should be still.

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