Lewis Recycling & Green School Program

Lewis Elementary School is denoted as an Oregon Green School of Merit. Since January of 2007 Lewis Elementary students and staff have been composting lunch time waste from our salad bar. Fruits and vegetables that would normally have gone into the trash and into the dumpster are collected and composted in our school garden.

During 2009-2010 school year, we began the recycling milk cartons. The cartons are collected after lunch, rinsed, dried and then recycled. This process has helped to lower the school’s waste budget resulting in the removal of one of our dumpsters and a savings to PPS of $3000.

In the 2011-2012, with the advent of the city wide food waste composting effort, Lewis began collecting all lunch time food waste for composting. Now in addition to our established fruits and vegetables composting, we are also collecting food waste that would of otherwise been deposited in our dumpster. In addition, packaging from home lunches are also being recycled.

These efforts are only possible because of the commitment and dedication of our many parent and community volunteers. We thank them for their work and support of our school and helping us to continue to be responsible users of resources.

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For many years we have attempted to explain our various PTA fund raising opportunities. Recently Lewis parent Jordan Benner created this great video that explains those PTA fund raising opportunities in a very understandable manner. Please take a look and consider taking part. 201309042122.jpg Direct Donation escript/Scrip Shopping Donate & Recycle

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